Drop-in sessions with club committee members

Stirling Swimming Club Committee would like to give parents / guardians of our swimmers an opportunity to learn more about the club and its’ associated activities.

Grand Prix event order

The order of events for this Saturday's Grand Prix will be as follows: 

Event 1 - 50m Breaststroke (JD, Starfish)

Event 2 - 100m Butterfly (SPS, YPS, JPS, JM, Pot, Dev, Club)

Event 3 - 50m Backstroke (JD, Starfish)

Event 4 - 50m Backstroke (SPS, YPS, JPS, JM, Pot, Dev, Club)


Grand Prix arrival

When swimmers arrive at the Grand Prix this Saturday at 7.45am, can you please report to our coaches who will be standing to the right of the entrance at the door to the conditioning room? The coaches there will take a register and let you know where to sit. 

Can parents attending please sit to the left as you enter to the pool. 

See you there!

Collection of Swim Kit Orders


The swim shop kit orders placed in March have arrived. I will be in the uni swimming pool reception on Friday 31st May (5:30pm - 6:30pm) and Saturday 1st June (8:00am - 09:00am) for orders to be collected.  If you are unable to collect during these dates/times, please drop me an email so we can make alternative arrangements.

I will also have swim caps (£6.50), water bottles (£5.00) and towels (£15.00) with me for general sale.

Stirling Swimming Summer Camp 2019

Our annual Stirling Swimming Summer Camp will run this year between Tuesday 23rd and Friday 26th July and is available for swimmers aged 13 years and under by the end of 2019 in Potential, Development and Junior Development squads. The cost of the camp will be £100 per person with each day running from 8.30am to 3.30pm. 

Each day will consist of two swim sessions, one land session, one education session and some fun games/challenges. The swimmers will receive a Summer Camp t-shirt and there will be lots of prizes to be won throughout the week. 

Grand Prix 2 - Saturday 1st June

Our second Stirling Swimming Grand Prix of 2019 next Saturday 1st June is an ideal opportunity for all Stirling swimmers to practice their racing skills in a fun, competitive environment amongst their peers. There is no entry fee for racing, all you have to do is turn up and take part. The Grand Prix will run from 8-10am. There will be a warm up at 8am with racing starting at 8.30am. Can swimmers please arrive at 7.45am so that coaches can take a register? 

Grand Prix - Saturday 1st June

Just to let everyone know that our second Stirling Swmming Grand Prix of 2019 will be held on Saturday 1st June from 8-10am at the university pool. The Grand Prix will again be run as a "process" meet where the swimmers will have a process goal to focus on for each race. 

All squads are welcome. There is no need to email confirming your attendance, all you have to do is turn up on the morning. Points will be scored for each race with teams being decided on the day. All swimmers will have at least 2 races. 

FAO STOs only

Hi all STOs,

Please find below an email that I received from Jean King for 2 items regarding STOs.

Committee "Drop in" Sessions

Stirling Swimming Club Committee would like to give parents / guardians of our swimmers an opportunity to learn more about the club and its’ associated activities.

West District Wayne Goldsmith Weekend - Last Opportunity to Participate

Please see the message below from the West District Committe in relation to last chance to participate in the Wayne Goldsmith Weekend:

Appreciate there have been a number of "last opportunity" messages for

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