2018-05-27 17:51

Confirmed entries for the Cumbernauld Open meet are now available on the gala info page for reference.  Stirling swimmers are detailed on p27 onwards.  Can all STO's please contact Ruth on volunteers@stirlingswimming.co.uk with sessions they are available to officiate at.  

Results from the Alloa Junior Development and Alloa May meet are also available on the gala info page for review. 

Many thanks
Gala Team


2018-05-20 18:33
Thank you for your patience, I’m pleased to say that the Swimming and water polo kit has arrived at long last! I will be at the university pool to hand out the kit this Wednesday evening from 7-7.45pm. (I swim myself 8-9pm) if you cannot make this can you either arrange for somebody else to pick up on your behalf or email me on shop@stirlingswimming.co.uk to make other arrangements please.


2018-05-16 22:06

Confirmed entries for the Glasgow International Meet are available on the gala info page by way of draft programme (also available on swim scotland).  

Stirling swimming entry application for the Cumbernauld Open meet is also available on the gala info page for review.

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2018-05-14 21:31

Updated meet programmes for the Alloa Junior Development and May meets have been uploaded to the gala page for review.  There have been some withdrawals in the individual events - please check if any previous reserve swims are now confirmed.  Note that the names on the relays in the programme were for entry purposes only and any relay swimmers will be decided by the coaches on the day(s) of the meet. 

Results from the West District Wannabe Best in the West meet are also uploaded to the gala info page for reference.  

Many thanks
Gala Team.  


2018-05-09 13:11

Gala Fees accounts have been updated to 30th April 2018 and take into account fees paid into the bank account, scratches & withdrawels and gala entries up to the 30th April 18.

Please can payments be made to clear accounts by the end of May 18 in preperation for the financial year end.

Any queries can be directed to treasurer@stirlingswimming.co.uk