2019-08-24 22:22

The confirmed entries for West District Sprints and Relays are available on the gala info page for review.  Stirling swimmers are detailed on p69 onwards. 

Below is a message from the West District meet organisers in relation to volunteers for the meet.  Additional information has been circulated via squad reps.

Many thanks
Gala Team




To date, at District Champs/Meets, the core organising team are never sure how many STOs, or other volunteers,

will actually turn up to help out at each Session.


We are introducing a new “SIGN UP” system to try and give us more information, ahead of the weekend, on how 

many people have actually volunteered to help, or whether we really need to panic in terms of Accreditation etc.


If you normally come along to help out, e.g. as an STO, Announcer, or at the front desk, please use the system as it will give an overall picture in one place.



SIGN UP is on a per Session basis.


There are links to the SIGN UP page on the Home page of the District website, District Meets page of website

and the following link can be copied and used in any emails/Facebook/Twitter communications that you may

decide to use within your Club. 




Please support this initiative to get better organised support for YOUR District Championships/Meets. 


2019-08-20 20:29

The confirmed entries for Central Championships (Sun 01 Sep) are now available on the gala info page for review. 

Can all STO's please contact Ruth on volunteers@stirlingswimming.co.uk with their session availability

Many thanks
Gala Team  


2019-08-20 16:44

We done to our Forth Valley Junior League swimmers who fiinished 4th at our most recent gala on 18th August. Great swimming from our team.

Those racing were Annabel Foster, Katherine Lamont, Cara Maguire, Grace McIlwaine, Innes Scott, Jason Dickson, Ollie Mawby, Hayden Nicol, Finlay Small, Tina Daferera, Adah East, Natasha Nunn, Emme Russell, Cameron Carr, Lewis Ingram, Lochaln Small, Ethan Tervit, Connie East, Alaina Farquhar, Poppy Mawby, Natalie Nunn, Cole Johnston, Sam Lee, Tyler Morrice. 


2019-08-19 23:41

**** This is the final opportunity for Christmas orders ****

The on-line club kit shop is now open for orders of tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts, shorts and hoodies.

Please note:
- You have to log in to the Zeon website for kit prices to be shown.
-  Ensure you study the size chart as the kit is made to order and non-returnable.  If you are unsure about sizes, ask around and look at other children's kit from previous orders.  Feedback from the previous order was that the tracksuit bottoms are quite a small fit.
- When filling in your order details on-line, enter the squad your child swims for (this makes it easier for distributing kit).
- Although you provide your own address, the kit will be received in a bulk order direct to me.
- I will issue an e-mail as soon as the kit arrives and will arrange distribution (typically, the order takes 6-8 weeks after the shop closes so we expect receipt before Christmas).
- Use the links below to access the appropriate swim shop (it is recommended to cut/paste the URL into your browser):



The online shop will remain open until 15th September.

If anyone is interested in a personalised TYR Alliance team backpack, please contact me via e-mail.

The backpacks come in a variety of colours and have the Stirling Swimming Club logo  embroidered on, with an option to add the swimmers name.  The cost is £45.00 for the backpack, plus £2.50 extra for the addition of a name. Once the order is submitted, delivery takes 3-4 weeks.  Payment is required in advance of the order being processed.

Please note, we require a minimum of 10 backpacks across the club for the order to proceed.  If sufficient interest is received, I will be in touch to confirm the choice of colour and the exact name you want adding to the backpack.

The following items are currently in stock - prices are:

 - Caps £6.50
 - Water bottles £5.00
 - Sports towels £15.00
If you require any of these items, please drop me an e-mail to arrange a time to purchase 

**** This is the final opportunity for Christmas orders ****

Any queries, please contact shop@stirlingswimming.co.uk
Thank you,


2019-08-13 23:11

A reminder that the deadline for entries to the Stirling Autumn meet is midnight Wednesday 14th August.  Please email entry application to gala@stirlingswimming.co.uk

Many thanks
Gala Team