2019-06-18 22:25

Entries for the Scottish Summer meet are being coordinated by Kerry.  Swimmers who have qualified for events at this meet should confirm with coaches at training or email their entry request to headcoach@stirlingswimming.co.uk by 8pm on Monday 24th June at the latest.  

Many thanks
Gala Team


2019-06-18 15:32

Gala Fees in the members area have now been updated to the end of May 19.

As we are approaching financial year end please can all outstanding balances be cleared by the 27th June 2019

Where balances exceed £50 swimmers (cumaltive familiy balances <£75) will be unable to enter further galas until the balance is cleared.

Please clearly reference your swimmers name on payments and emails.

In the event of any queries, please email invoices@stirlingswimming.co.uk in the first instance or treasurer@stirlingswimming.co.uk 

 Note any payments or gala entries made in June 19 will not be included in the balance


2019-06-15 18:17

A few updates to the gala info page as follows:

Confirmed entries for the Scottish National Open Champs are provided by way of draft programme. 

Confirmed entries for the Bellshill Summer Splash meet are also available for review.  Stirling swimmers are detailed on p40 onwards. Can all available STO's please contact Ruth with regards the sessions you can cover - volunteers@stirlingswimming.co.uk
Some additional information from the meet organisers is detailed below this message.  

Finally the results from the DCA Stars of the Future meet are also available for reference.

Many thanks
Gala Team


Additional information from Bellshill Summer Splash organisers:

Attached below is some pre-gala information which should be passed to all coaches and parents in attendance.


As per the Meet Information you may notice that we have scratched swimmers that have been invited to 1 of this years Summer Meets in a specific event. You may also notice that there may be entries faster than those swimmers scratched due to Summer Meet invites this has happened due to the times being achieved in a gala which was unaccredited or the time was swam outside the qualifying window therefore no invite to Summer Meets was given and swimmers can swim in these events.

Reserve Swims

All events will be swam on a times basis and split into age groups for medals. With regards to reserve swims, if a swimmer withdraws from 13-14 year old category then the reserve for that age group with be entered in their place.  In the case of no reserve at this age group, then we will enter a reserve from another age group.

Meet Accreditation

We are trying hard to make sure that this meet will be accredited. In order to try and ensure this happens, we would ask that each club supply officials for all 4 sessions if possible. In particular stroke judges and turn judges to help ensure that the times achieved on the day can be used for national qualifications and squads.

Warm Ups

Warm up schedules will be posted around the swimmers area and pool area on the day of the meet.

Parking at Sir Matt Busby sports centre

There are 3 car parking areas available for use over the weekend for swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators. The car park at the back of the sports centre, the Overflow car park beside the Astroturf football park and the car park in Cardinal Newman High School. Please DO NOT park outside the front of the sports centre as police patrol this area on a regular basis and please DO NOT park in neighbouring residential areas. There should be enough parking for all attendees on the day in the designated areas

We would be grateful if you could communicate the safe parking areas to everyone who is likely to attend over the weekend.


2019-06-05 21:57

A reminder that the deadline for entries to the Bellshill Summer Splash Meet is midnight Thursday 6th June.  Please email entry applications to gala@stirlingswimming.co.uk

Many thanks
Gala Team


2019-06-05 21:36

A big thanks to all who helped with the planning, donations and ticket/cake sales at our Grand Prix on Saturday.  With your help we managed to raise:

£90 from the raffle and £81.32 from the cake stall

A great effort from all! Many thanks again.