2019-10-16 21:19

Meet informaiton file and eligibility report for the Scotia Mini meet are now available on the gala info page for review.  Entries are being taken via email for this meet - please submit to gala@stirlingswimming.co.uk by midnight Wednesday 23rd October at the latest.  
Please also note that this gala is taking place on the same date as Central Schools Championships (Sun 24th Nov) should your school be entering. 

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2019-10-14 18:54

Confirmed entires for the Ren96 Open meet are now available on the gala info page for review.  These have been provided as a draft programme, but a list of scratches is also provided for Stirling swimmers. 

Results from the Bo'ness mini meet are also uploaded to the gala info for information.

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2019-10-07 22:45

West District JAG:

Due to an administrative error, which resulted in some club entries not being accounted for, the confirmed entries for the West District Junior Age Group Championships have had to be re-issued.  The revised confirmed entries are now uploaded to the gala info page for reference together with a document detailing the changes from the original version provided.  Unfortunately this has impacted on some of our swimmers, changing confirmed swims to reserve places, so please take the opportunity to review and check any impact.  Please also note that due to withdrawals a couple of athletes now have confirmed swims.  If you have a swimmer participating in the meet please take the opportunity to check whether you can volunteer to support any sessions at the meet.  You can do this via the volunteer sign up page:


Alloa Graded Meet:

Confirmed entries for the Alloa Graded Meet are also available on the gala info page for review.  The good news is that all entries have been accepted (no scratches).  Can STO's please contact Ruth in relation to the sessions they can cover on volunteers@stirlingswimming.co.uk by Thursday 10th October at the latest

Grand Prix:

The results from Saturday's Grand Prix are available on the gala info page for reference.  Please note that these times are not imported into the gala database so will not show up on any future eligibility reports.  Should your swimmer have achieved a PB in any swims please keep a note of this as these may be used as manual entry times for upcoming meets.

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2019-10-06 09:30

Well done to all of the swimmers who raced on Saturday morning at our Grand Prix. The results willbe posted on the club website very shortly. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out at very short notice. That was much appreciated. 

Our final Grand Prix of 2019 will be on Saturday 14th December which gives everyone a lot more notice next time around. 


2019-10-04 11:57

Grand Prix Schedule - Saturday 5th October

Event 1 - Main event (SPS)

Event 2 - 50m Freestyle (JD)

Event 3 - 100m backstroke (Club, JM, Disability, Dev, Pot, JPS, YPS)

Event 4 - Main event 2 (SPS)

Event 5 - 50m breaststroke (JD)

Event 6 - 50m breaststroke (Club, JM, Disability, Dev, Pot, JPS, YPS)