2018-10-13 15:52

Meet info file and eligibility report for the West District SC JAG championships are now uploaded to the gala info page for review.  Coaches are coordinating entries for this meet. 

Confirmed entries for the West District SC SAG championships are also available for review on the gala info page (draft programmes also available on the West District website). 

In addition to the list of confirmed scratches for Ren 96 Open, we also now have a draft programme uploaded for reference.

Many thanks
Gala Team


2018-10-10 12:31

Gala Fees have been updated with Balances as at the 30/09/18

This includes all payments recieved to the end of September 18
 This includes the following meets Alloa, ND Open, ren96, Boness and Hearts

Any queries regarding your balance please contact invoices@stirlingswimming.co.uk in the first instance or treasurer@stirlingswimming.co.uk

**Please note entries to galas will not be permitted if balances exceed £50 as per guidence on website**

In preperation for moving to a new administration system it would be appreciated if all balances were brought to Zero.


2018-10-09 22:19

Ren 96 meet organisers have provided a list of scratched swimmers for their upcoming open meet arranged by club.  The list for Stirling has been uploaded to the gala info page for reference.  Please check this document and if your name/event is not on the scratched list then you have a confirmed swim at the meet.  Available STO's can contact Ruth on volunteers@stirlingswimming.co.uk.

Also a reminder at this point - if you have been waiting for confirmed swims before processing any gala payments please ensure that you pay the entry fees due as soon as possible.  

Entry application for WD SAG is also available on the gala info page for review. 

Finally, results from the recent Hearts Premier Meet are also uploaded to the gala info page.  In addition a table of results from our recent Grand Prix is also available for reference.  Please note that Grand Prix results are not uploaded to the gala database but you can keep note of any PB results for future gala entries.  

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2018-10-04 13:11

Well done to all of our swimmers who raced at the Stirling Swimming Grand Prix last Saturday 29th September. Thank you to all of the coaches and team captains who attended and parents who volnteered. 

This time around, Team Logan were the winners. The finished with 440 points to Team Jennifer's 389 points. This means that there are only 2 points between the teams in the overall standings after 3 Grand Prix's. Team Logan have 1258 points and Team Jennifer have 1256 points. Our final Stirling Swimming Grand Prix of 2018 will determine our overall Grand Prix winner. This will be held on Saturday 15th December. 

Thanks, Stuart


2018-10-03 22:39

The confirmed entries for the Alloa Graded meet are now available on the gala info page for review.  Great news is that all Stirling entries have confirmed swims.  Can all STO's with swimmers taking part in the meet please contact Ruth at volunteers@stirlingswimming.co.uk with the sessions the are able to officiate at.  

Results from the Bo'ness mini meet are also available on the gala info page for reference.

Many thanks
Gala Team