2019-04-24 21:32

Stirling Swimming Club Committee would like to give parents / guardians of our swimmers an opportunity to learn more about the club and its’ associated activities.

We therefore would like carry out a series of drop-in sessions at the university pool.  Members of the Committee will be available during this time and would welcome this opportunity to meet as many of you as possible, answer any queries you may have - be it galas, finances, volunteering related etc.  This is another way of your being able to raise any burning questions you may have.  In addition, it is a fantastic opportunity for ourselves as Committee members to listen and hopefully hear fresh, new ideas to continue to develop your child’s club for the future.  It may be that, through your questions we identify potential themes which we can then share via future communications across the club.

Venue And Dates

All drop in sessions will be at the university swimming pool reception area.  

Dates of the initial drop in sessions are:

  * Friday 26th April (5:30pm - 6:00pm)

  * Friday 31st May (5:30pm - 6:00pm)

  * Saturday 1st June (9:00am - 10:00am)

We look forward to seeing you there,

Stirling Swimming Club Committee


2019-04-24 21:29

Please see the message below from the West District Committe in relation to last chance to participate in the Wayne Goldsmith Weekend:

Appreciate there have been a number of "last opportunity" messages for

this coming weekend with Wayne Goldsmith....HOWEVER........

there are still places available at all the sessions:


Swim Clinic (Sat) 

Parents Education & Questions ( Sat eve)

Coaching Master Class (Sun)


Happy to take more than three swimmers per Club for Swim Clinic.


Parents of ANY competitive swimmer are welcome at the Parents Session


All information on District website - ignore closing dates on pages/forms.




2019-04-21 08:57

An updated list of confirmed swims for the West District Future stars meet is now available on the gala info page for review.  Stirling swimmers are details on p73 onwards.  Re-work of the meet programme was required due to an administrative error that resulted in 1 clubs entries not reaching the meet hosts.  Please check as confirmed entries for your swimmer may have changed.  The West District organising team apologise for the impact of this amendment with previous confirmed or reserve swims that may now be scratched.  

Our entry application for the Alloa Junior Development Meet is now also available on the gala info page for reference.

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2019-04-21 08:47

Meet info and eligibility report for the Glasgow International Swim Meet are now available on the gala info page for review.  Entries are being coordinated via coaches for this meet.

Many thanks
Gala Team 


2019-04-18 22:30

Results from our recent Stirling Spring Meet are now available on the gala info page for review.  

A big thank you to everyone who helped with the running of the Meet.  The gala ran like clockwork and this was down to the tremendous effort from everyone involved.  Indeed, most swimmers had at least one family member contributing in one role or another.  For those of you who are have helped out at our galas before, thanks as always for your continued support; and if this was your first time supporting a gala, you all really embraced the duties on the day; so WELL DONE to you all.  We hope you enjoyed your tasks, got a better insight into the running of a gala, and feel more confident to support your swimmer(s) and the club at future Meets.  The overall team spirit was outstanding, and even new friendships have been formed.

Thanks to all who contributed to raffle donations and bought tickets.  It raised £182 in total.

We hope the swimmers thoroughly enjoyed the weekend.  Thanks also to our coaches for their support not just poolside on the day, but at all training sessions as well.