Grand Prix - Saturday 5th October

Our third Stirling Swimming Grand Prix of 2019 this Saturday 5th October is the ideal opportunity for all Stirling swimmers to practice their race skills in a fun, competitive environment amongst their peers. There's no entry fee for racing. All you have to do is turn up and take part. The Grand Prix will run from 8-10am. There will be a warm up at 8am with racing starting at 8.30am. Can swimmers please arrive at 7.45am so coaches can take a register? 

As I stated at the weekend, we will be running this Grand Prix as a "process" gala. The swimmers wil be split into lanes before they race. Points will be awarded for achieving certain process goals for each race. Process goals are completely under the swimmers control. they are the small steps that you take to ultimately achieve the outcome goals you are striving for. 

Swimmers from Senior Performance, Youth Performance, Junior Performance, Potential, Development, Junior Masters, Club and Disablilty squads will be racing 100m backstroke and 50m breaststroke. Swimmers will be awarded points for distance underwater on the start and turn of the 100m backstroke and finishing on a full stroke at the end of the 50m breaststroke. 

Swimmers in Junior Development will be racing 50m freestyle and 50m breaststroke. Swimmers will be awarded points for keeping their head down on the last 5m on the 50m freestyle and finishing on a full stroke on the 50m breaststroke. 

We should have time for turn practice after everyone has completed their races so please stay around after your races. 

If you can help officiate at this Grand Prix (Starter, Judge, Timekeeper, Marshall), can you please email Ruth Craig at

We usually run a raffle and bake stall at our Grand Prix's. We are looking for someone to organise and run the raffle and a couple of people to man the bake stall. If you are able to do this, can you please email me (

Looking forward to seeing you there on Saturday. 

Stuart McDougall