Grand Prix January

Well done to all swimmers who took part in the Grand Prix on Saturday 23rd February.  For the first time we were focussing on some of the processes of swimming races rather than just how fast the swimmers were going.  It was great to see all the swimmers working really hard on their underwaters off the start on the 50 fly and seeing how far out from the blocks they could not breathe for into the finish on the 100 free.  Both are key skills to be developed that could make the difference between winning and losing a race.  Well done everyone - great effort.  Each lane had a coach marking up the distances for every swimmer and the totals were added up for each lane.  If every swimmer had gone 15m underwater off the start and didn't breathe for the last 10m then with 14 swimmers in each team the maximun distance was 350m.  Well done to Lane 1 who achieved the highest score with a total distance of 217m.  The coaches now have copies of all the swimmers distances so if you do't know how far you went (it's a good idea to learn to do this) then please ask your coach.

Huge thanks to everyone who baked, brought and bought and sold cakes and took part in the raffle - a total of £172 was raised for club funds.

(Final distances: Lane 1, 217m; Lane 2, 200m; Lane 3, 182m; Lane 4, 204m; Lane 5, 193m; Lane 6, 190m)