Gala Update - Confirmed entries for WD LC Round 1 and entry application for Stirling Winter Graded Meet

The list of confirmed entries and scratches for West District Long Course Championships (Round 1) is now available on the gala info page for review.  Stirling swimmers are listed on p64 onwards.  Draft programme for each session is available to review on the West District Website. 

A reminder to make any payments for outstanding gala fees as soon as possible.  Once any payments are made please email the treasurer team with the details so they can track gala balanaces at

For those new to WD Meets, you may not be aware that we are required to provide 1 official for every 4 swimmers in each session.  This means that current STOs feel obliged/are asked to officiate at multiple sessions over the weekend.  If your child is competing at district level then it would benefit them and the club greatly if someone within your family became a timekeeper.  All questions/ interest to be directed to Ruth on

Existing STOs, we need at least 6 officials per session.  Please advise Ruth of your availability/ preferences (please don't all ask for morning sessions!).

Finally our entry application to our Stirling Winter Graded meet is also now available on the gala info page for reference.

Many thanks
Gala Team