Stirling Swimming Club Championships

Our Club Champs this year will take place over 2 evenings:

 Tuesday 6th November 2018 at the Peak.  Warm-up from 5:30pm, racing starts at 6pm.

 Friday 14th December 2018 at the Uni.  Warm-up from 5pm, racing starts at 6pm.

Club Champs are held annually for Stirling Swimming Club swimmers in Disability, Junior Development, Development, Potential, JPS, YPS, SPS, Club and Masters squads. 

The programme of events is as follows:

Tuesday 6th November 2018 
Girls 100 IM (all age groups)
Boys 100 IM (all age groups)
Girls Breaststroke
Boys Breaststroke

Friday 14th December 2018

Boys Butterfly

Girls Butterfly

Boys Backstroke 

Girls Backstroke 

Boys Freestyle 

Girls Freestyle


Note: Age is taken as the swimmer's age on 31st December 2018.  Age groups are 10 years & under, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15-18, 19 & over.   Swimmers aged 11 and under will swim 50m, with older swimmers doing 100m, for each individual stroke. 

The events are detailed in the meet info file which has been uploaded to the gala info page.  There is also an eligibility report for reference uploaded to the gala page, but please note that this report only contains details of athletes currently competing at galas.  If your name is not listed on the eligibility report, but you are a member of one of the squads listed above you can still enter the club championships.  

To enter please email your choice of events to  As the timescale is very tight this year, the closing date is midnight Thursday 1st November and late entries will NOT be accommodated.  If your name is not on the eligibility report please provide your full name, date of birth and squad details within the email.  Wherever possible if guide entry times could be provided for events (if not listed on eligibility report) this will help with race seeding on the night.  If no times are available it is still OK to enter under NT.

As usual, there will be a raffle and a "guess" competition.  All raffle donations are gratefully received - simply place in the appropriate box at the uni on Tuesday or Thursday nights, or Saturday mornings, or pass to Carolyn Dickson at the Peak on Tues or Thursday nights. 

The cost for swimmers entering Club Champs is a flat fee of £7.50 regardless of the number of events entered; this will be added to the "Outstanding Gala Fees" account balance; there will be no scratches, so all entrants who want to compete will get their swims.  There will be a charge of £1 per day for adult spectators, with free entry for all volunteers. Laughing The roles requiring no training/ experience include announcer, entry desk, raffle sellers, and marshalls.  Naturally we also need STOs - as we will not be using electronic timing, having 3 timekeepers per lane would be ideal to alleviate the need for doing maths to find the average!  If you are able and willing to help with the running of the Club Champs, please email Ruth on with your name, preferred role, and date(s) you are available.
For those children new to the club, this is a fantastic opportunity for swimmers to gain gala experience before our graded meet in January (and an ideal opportunity for parents to familiarise themselves with the running of a gala!).  And for our older swimmers, this is a great chance to demonstrate their new skills gained this year. 

At our annual ceilidh at the start of next year (date tbc), medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each event/ age group for girls/ boys will be presented, with trophies to the new overall age group girls/ boys winners.

 Any questions about the Club Champs, please email Ruth on or speak with your coach.