Gala Update - Confirmed scratches Ren 96 Open, WD SAG entry application, Hearts Premier Results, Grand Prix results

Ren 96 meet organisers have provided a list of scratched swimmers for their upcoming open meet arranged by club.  The list for Stirling has been uploaded to the gala info page for reference.  Please check this document and if your name/event is not on the scratched list then you have a confirmed swim at the meet.  Available STO's can contact Ruth on

Also a reminder at this point - if you have been waiting for confirmed swims before processing any gala payments please ensure that you pay the entry fees due as soon as possible.  

Entry application for WD SAG is also available on the gala info page for review. 

Finally, results from the recent Hearts Premier Meet are also uploaded to the gala info page.  In addition a table of results from our recent Grand Prix is also available for reference.  Please note that Grand Prix results are not uploaded to the gala database but you can keep note of any PB results for future gala entries.  

Many thanks
Gala Team