Gala Update - Call for Entries Central Gala, WD Sprints/Relays & Stirling Autumn Meet

Seems we are actually having some summer weather during the summer holidays and hope everyone is managing to make the most of the unexpected heatwave.  No rest unfortunately when it comes to gala entries and we have a number of meets with closing dates during the school holidays.  The coaches are still finalising the meet calendar for the new season, but we do know the early meets we will be attending.  Additional meets will be added to the calendar in due course.  
Meet information and eligibility reports are now available on the gala info page for:
As there are multiple meets entries being processed via email simultanously please ensure when emailing entries that you do not combine entries for multiple meets and/or multiple swimmers into a single email.  In order to allow checks and audit trail of entries please ensure you send a separate email for each swimmer/meet with the name of the swimmer and meet in the subject line of the email if possible.   Any combined meet entries will be rejected. 
Results from the recent Scottish National Open meet have also been uploaded to the gala info page for review.  
Many thanks
Gala Team