Forth Valley Junior League

Forth Valley Junior League - Questions and Answers 

The purpose of this page is to advise you about a League which is aimed primarily at the Starfish, Junior Development and Development Squad.  Stirling Swimming Club take part in a league on a monthly basis.  Below you will find all the answers that you need.  We are hoping that this raises awareness and allows you to encourage your child to participate in this League.  

Who is this League Aimed at?

This League is for new swimmers in Starfish, Junior Development and Development Squad to get used to the idea of competing.  Your child will only move out of this League once they get too fast to swim in it.  

What is the League?

There are 12 teams in the League.  At any one gala there is always 6 teams competing.  The aim of the gala is to give your child confidence and knowledge of swimming in a competitive environment.  At first the Gala's can be quite daunting but the Forth Valley JL is a lot of team relays as well as short individual swims which makes the gala more relaxed and fun before going into a more formal meet.  

How Often is the League?

The League is always held on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Bathgate Pool.  All clubs involved host the galas once a year.  Stirling Swimming Club hosted the first gala of the year on Sunday 18th February.  The other dates of the galas are listed in the calendar on the gala info page

How Often Will by Child Take Part?

The coach, Stuart McDougall, will invite you along to this meet but it won't be a monthly basis.  You will receive an e-mail from either him direct or your squad representative.  It will be more often on a quarterly basis unless you specify that you would like your child to participate more frequently.   Please do not worry if your child does not get invited immediately.  There is a large number of kids involved in the targeted squads however every child gets a chance to take part.  

How Much Does it Cost?  

There is no cost to participate in the gala.  The fee of running this League comes from fundraising and entrance fees on the Club hosting days.  There is an entry fee of £2 per person at the door for all meets.  

What Does Stirling Swimming Club Expect from Parents?

In order for the galas to run we need support from parents.  The gala cannot run without the help of 2 poolside helpers and 2 timekeepers.  If parents do not volunteer to do these vacancies then Stirling Swimming Club will not be able to participate in the Meet.  When Stuart sends the invites out to take part in the League, he will also ask for Volunteers.  Please come along and help us with this League.  In 2016 the children won League B and got into League A in 2017 of which we are all extremely proud of.  

If you have are interested in getting involved in this League, please advise Stuart or Mhairi as we are seeking new representatives to take over this League.