Gala Update - Revised Hearts eligibility, entry deadline extended. Stirling Winter Meet results.

A number of errors in the consideration times in the Hearts SNAGS electronic meet file have been noted and therefore the organisers have issued a revised meet file and extended the entry deadline by a few days.  The revised eligibility report is now available on the gala info page for review.  Please note that this should only result in a few additional swims in some instances as the consideration times did not match the updated SNAGS times.  

If you have already submitted an email entry for this meet and have received acknowledgement, you do not need to resubmit entries unless you wish to enter additional evebts or amend the events entered.  Please remember that you should consult with your coach as to whether entry to this gala is apporpriate.  Deadline to receive any remaining email entries to is midnight Friday 26th January. 

The results from our recent Stirling Winter graded meet are also available for review on the gala info page.  Well done to all of our swimmers and a very big thank you to all of those who volunteered over the weekend to make the meet such a huge success.  

Many thanks
Gala Team