Gala Update - Club Championships confirmed entries and additional information

The confirmed entries for the Stirling Swimming Club Championships are now available for review on the gala info page.  Please note that session 1 is on Tuesday 21st November, and session 2 is on Tuesday 28th November.

Warm-up starts both nights at 5:30pm (wee reminder that no swimmer should be poolside before 5:15pm for insurance purposes), racing starting at 6pm sharp.

Swimmers should remember to pack the essentials:

  • swimsuit(s), cap, goggles, towel(s),
  • plenty of water and lots of snacks too (no chocolate, as it will melt!)

Please also consider the following (especially  for younger swimmers who may get colder quicker):

  • t-shirt and/or hoodie to stay warm between races poolside (remember they may get wet so have additional, dry ones to put on after the event)
  • similarly, shorts or tracksuit bottoms
  • poolside footwear 

If you are new to competitions, there is good advice in the members area of the website, under "competitions and events" in the article "Competition tips" to help prepare you and your swimmer for nights of fun!  If you are not sure how to access the members are of the website please contact your squad rep for details.  

Please note that parents who are not volunteering may not come poolside, but it would be fantastic if you could stay to support from the balcony!  There will be entry programmes for sale, and also a raffle with a surprise prize, not to mention a night of entertainment watching the swimmers!

A second-hand shop will be run on both nights.  If you have any club t-shirts, hoodies, fins, etc. that you have outgrown, please consider bringing them along to Club Champs and donating to the second-hand shop.  In addition, if you are looking for new kit, you have 2 options - visit the club shop on the 28th, or pick up a bargain at the second-hand shop!

Can trophies from last year please be return at Club Champs, to allow time for engraving of new winners' names.

Any questions about the championship, please contact Ruth on in the first instance.

Many thanks and enjoy the championships!