Club Fundraising

Stirling Swimming Club is a competitive swimming club founded in 1976 to promote and encourage the development of swimming across all disciplines, ages and levels of ability.As the club develops we have ever changing needs and to ensure our athletes are given the best possible opportunities it is vital that we look at different ways to raise club funds.To host the Swimming Club there are significant basic costs.

  • Pool Hire Costs
  • Coaches costs
  • Scottish swimming affiliation fees for our volunteers and technical officials
  • Medals & trophies
  • Admin expenses

We have a number of annual initiatives which our club volunteers run. The events calendar this year demonstrates a number of activities throughout the year where we hope to raise much needed funds to support our annual running costs.

Fundraising Team 2014:Bid Stanger,Donna Hughes,Jenny SenGupta,Allison Gordon,Fiona Eason,Helen Tobin,Tabitha Lffla,Jill Matthewson and fundraising Co–ordinator Val Pumford.

If you wish to take part in group or discuss fundraising ideas then please contact Val Pumford