Exciting Opportunity for Stirling Swimmers

An exciting training opportunity has presented itself to the Stirling Swimming Club.  For the first time in a number of years a selection of younger swimmers will be participating in a specialized training camp in a dedicated sports facility during the half term holiday week in October 2012. 

We are keen to offer our athletes an environment for performance development. Both coaches have been privileged to represent their countries at the high performance level and have experienced many training camps in the past. We understand the value of the experiences, which is why we are keen to share our knowledge to pursue this opportunity.

We have invited a selection of Gold, Junior Gold and Silver swimmers who are aged between 13 and 17 years of age.  As a team, we will be based in Torremolinos, Spain where there is a fantastic sporting complex under the Sports Abroad umbrella.  The sports complex boasts both indoor and outdoor Olympic 50m pools, dedicated diving pool, athletics track, indoor arena, tennis courts, gyms and football pitches. The 18 athletes will be committing to specific 2 two hour swimming sessions plus various land training during the weeklong camp.  This will not be a relaxing holiday for the swimmers, we have all intentions of working hard yet doing it with a huge smile.  

Although each athlete is funding their own space at T-Camp, as a group they are actively fundraising for team kit and specific extras.  The majority of their fundraising opportunities will he done outside of the club but, on the odd occasion they will be using the club as a platform to promote the camp and fundraise directly to members of the Stirling Swimming Club.  We are sure you will support them where you can and don’t be shy to approach anyone of the athletes, coaches or team manager to ask us questions about the camp.

The coaches and team manager hope that the training camp is of great success to our athletes. We wish to educate and empower them through all the associated learning that comes with this type of experience. We are very keen to develop an inspiring and dynamic team culture within the group as we believe this will add value to them individually and collectively. The athletes will benefit from the socialization involved with the team work which will filter back through the Stirling Swimming Club upon return. 

his could be the start of something very special for these athletes and other athletes within the club. We hope the swimmers who contribute with the fundraising will inspire future team members with the opportunity to participate in a similar specialized training camp.  The future is very bright for Stirling Swimmers.

We will keep you updated on their progress,

Angela and Andrei