Forthcoming Autumn Gala

Hi everyone

Trying out this blogging thing for a wee change and will be hoping to continue to use this medium for any updates on life as Stirling Swimming's President.




SNAGS Day 2 update (26/06/14)

Team Stirling @ SNAGS 2014

It was a busy weekend!!!

Time to reflect after a busy weekend for Stirling Swimming Club…..

Grand Prix Baking

Hello all contestants for the Grand Prix Bake Off.By popular demand, we would like to hold another Bake Sale on Saturday 12th Oct  at the University pool. All donations greatfully received, the kids absolutly love to buy cakes etc after this event. If you are happy to take a turn to man the stall, please let me know? Just bring your cakes etc on the morning. Yummy ....Many thanks for your continued supprt. Val    

Reminder SWIM 400

I hope you have all managed to download or collect a Swim400 sponsorship form for 2013/2014 ? We hope to have enough enteries in so we can do the first Money prize draw on Saturday 12th October. All enteries to either your coach, Val or  Donna ASAP. Good Luck Everyone

Starts Session Saturday 28th September

Just in case there is any confusion the starts sessions this Saturday is 8-9am at the University pool for all squads.


Autumn Meet Fundraising Success


A BIG Thank you to all for your very generous gifts for the  raffle and book stall  held last weekend at the Autumn meet. I am delighted to say we raised £281. I would also like to take this  opportunity to thank Bid, Louise, Donna , Kirsty and Jenny for their excellent raffle ticket selling skills. A great start to the Fundraising Year.

Future Fundraising ......

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